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. and former bush adviser, ron christie. moments ago, ranking members of the senate intelligence committee spoke to the press that they had little to offer in regard to the actual testimony given. dianne feinstein, the chair, said committee members were able to watch a film that was a composite, real-time document of the beginning to the end of the terrorist attack. she announced additional hearings that are closed and open hearing will take place in the future. however, she refused to comment on whether that reflected the obama adminiitration's descriptions of the events are at the cia agents in benghazi call for help for separate times. tonight, the cia has launched an exploratory investigation into the conduct of david petraeus. he is scheduled to testify in front of the house intelligence committee tomorrow. joining me now is to congressman trey gowdy. he is a member of the house oversight committee. this is a remarkable period in american history. we assume at some point, it perhaps as early as this evening, at least there will be a reaction is what they heard today. does it trouble y
different laws. texas has one law, pennsylvania another law, ohio another law. if, in fact as ron christie said they have the national federal i.d. law you could say that. we're talking about different states, different laws, and we should not act as though the supreme court ruling said that, as a case in point, a fact is, a texas federal court just said it is discriminatory the i.d. laws that they put in texas in 2012. that's one.ño;@r(t&háhp &hc& that's a fact. that's a fact. secondly, when you change these state laws mostly early this year and late last year, the game was already on for this election. we are not talking about changing something later. we're talking about changing something now. people cannot vote now that could have voted in the last election, and many did. that is changing the game mid game. don't tell me why we're not prepared. why did you change the game? >> all right. coming up -- >> this election is important. whatever it takes we got to get out there and vote like we never, ever voted before! we've got to do it! byrñ "our world wit enterprise" is sponsored in p
conservatives. i don't think, in general, they are invited on hardball, except for one, ron christie, i don't know if you noticed this, he's the only one, i think chris matthews is so stupid he doesn't realize that ron christie is running circles around him. [laughter] it's the most fun thing to watch because other than that it's todd harris who couldn't argue with my cup ofized -- cup of iced tea. he'd lose the debate. [laughter] >> one thing i noticed in the area, this election, that is very different is in all past elections every other car in the area would have a kerry, gore, or obama bumper sticker. every five houses with a lawn sign with the democratic candidate. i could drive all day, and i'll just see a few bumper stickers that say obama. there's no houses in my west l.a. neighborhood with an obama lawn sign. what does this mean? [applause] >> well -- [applause] well, i'd like to think it's because conservatives got tired of having their cars keyed and signs ripped down and decided to retaliate keying liberal cars and that they ripped their signs down, but i suspect that's not the
will wall street react to the results of this election? how different will congress actually be? ron christie will join us as well. stay with us, the polls are closing with results now minutes away. we're coming right back. 0t[h7 lou: some good news for coastal residents the northeast still cleaning up after hurricane sandy and under a lack of power and gasoline shortages. forecasters say a nor'easter that has been expected to hit the region tomorrow will be weaker than originally forecast the storm ravaged areas in new york and new jersey still could see high wind gusting 50 miles per hour and storm surges again reaching only 3 feet. mayor michael bloomberg now asking residents of low-lying waterfront areas to evacuate ahead of the storm. meanwhile eight days after the hurricane slammed into the northeast nearly 900 homes and businesses remained without power. rudy giuliani blasted obama and fema over the handling of the hurricane. >> their performance has been abysmal. the president has the least kick them in the backside, people do not have water. lou: in a separate interview, sa
are trying to give residents the opportunity to vote. ron allen is live for us. ron, there is confusion over what did governor christie say people could do about voting? could they really vote online, by e-mail, by fax and, frankly, i noticed there was a lot of confusion about what the governor ordered and how this is all going to work. can you sort it out? >> reporter: thanks, chuck. there's a lot of confusion, and it's a very evolving situation because of all the chaos associated with the storm. today is the first day people are trying to get back to work, there are commuter nightmares, long gas lines, and there's voting. yes, the governor said you can e-mail a request or fax a request for a ballot, get it back, fill it out, scan it, e-mail it back or fax it back to the county elections board. here at hudson county they are expecting long lines. there have been lines for people to come in and vote, again, by paper ballot or by electronic ballot. they are talking about trying to consolidate polling places and parking lots outside of schools that have been damaged, setting up emergency gener
. the death toll has risen now to 111 people. in new jersey, governor chris christie has opened up online voting for displaced as there are concerns many won't be able to get to polling stations tomorrow. ron, good morning. >> good morning, thomas. yeah, we're at the county elections office here in hudson county. there's a line of people here. the county offices have been open all weekend for people to vote and ooen if -- they're trying to do everything possible to make it possible and easy for people to vote. as we said, you can vote online, by fax. it's a very complicated process. the bottom line, go to your polling place where you usually go. or there will be instructions about where to go next. they're also trying to set up temporary sites where they will consolidate places. schools that have been damaged, there will be makeshift centers set up with emergency generator, tents in parking lots, but they're trying to make every effort possible to give people a place to vote. so it's going to cause some confusion. some people will be voting with paper ballot, but there should be some way
, as does the founder and ceo of christie strategies and former special assistant to george w. bush. welcome, gentlemen. this one is going to be a squeaker. ron, i'll start with you. tell me why you think mr. romney will prevail. >> i'm cautiously optimistic. i think governor romney for the last several weeks in this campaign has had the momentum shift in his direction. he has had a very strong shift from independents who followed president obama in his first election who have come over to his side. i think he's had a very confident, are very straightforward and very decisive message of what he would do if he was given the honor to be the next president. i'm feeling pretty good right now. okay, mark, tell me why you think the president will win re-election. >> i sort of follow nate silver's thinking that the president could end up at about 300 electoral votes. a close popular vote election. but i think the president demonstrated in the response to hurricane sandy his strong, steady measured judgmental -- strong judgmental leadership. i believe that his grassroots effort has focused on early
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)